Sweet Homeopathy!

Vijaybai told Dan today that Keri and I needed to go see the ashram’s homeopathy department. I’m very interested in herbal medicine and so was excited to go check it out.

However, when we arrived it was clear that we weren’t there for a tour, but to get a check-up! Keri for her mosquito bites and me for my fever.

The caretakers were very friendly, and asked us questions about our symptoms. After scribbling down something on a piece of paper, we went to the front desk where a woman gave us some tiny white pills. I was given a tiny bottle and four paper packets filled with a few pills each. ┬áThe packets were to be taken every ten minutes, and the bottle of pills four pills three times a day until the bottle is gone. In our amazement of this process, Keri and I forgot to ask what the medicine was! We will investigate further and I’ll give you all an update.┬áThe ashram also has a western medical center, but I haven’t been there yet (hopefully I won’t need to!).

To my surprise, the pills tasted like sugar!

Keri got a tiny bottle too.

I can’t wait to learn more about the wonderful power of plants and this place of healing.