The Mother

The Mother was born Mirrha Alfassa in Paris, 1878. She studied fine art in college. The Mother was aware of her spiritual consciousness even as a child.


She received visions from one who she called Krishna.  When she traveled to Pondi in 1914, she met Sri Aurobindo and recognized him as the “Krishna of her visions.” She spent a few years in Japan before returning to Pondicherry to continue her yoga practice at age 42. She was married, but left her husband to stay in India. She became Sri Aurobindo’s best student and closest collaborator. When Sri Aurobindo went into seclusion to continue his work of consciousness, she was the only one he would let into his chamber. She helped secure housing and coordinate meals for the growing number of disciples that were coming to Pondicherry. In 1943 she started the ashram school, an experiment in integral education, which then grew to be the International Center of Education, inaugurated in 1952. At age 90 she started Auroville, an idyllic utopian town of peace, “dedicated to human unity.”

The Mother believed in the importance of physical exercise as a tenet of a spiritual lifestyle. She played tennis everyday (and won often!) until she was 83. Two dozen followers over 80 years ago has turned into into today’s diverse ashram community of 1,500 members. More to come on the Mother.

          Citations from the “Visitor’s Guide to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram”