Our newest fave rave at the society is an afternoon game of badminton at the local social club. For a $4 monthly membership fee we have access to the badminton and tennis courts. Rahti, Bini, Kaushal, and Trupti are all about it.

Having grown up a soccer player, my hand-eye coordination is a bit wanting, but my serve is improving and it feels good to break a slight sweat before dinner. As the blue sky fades to violet, the court lights buzz on and you can watch a few bats swooping low, showing off in the hunt for dinner’s insects.

Members Only



Rahti and Bini, resident BFFs



The Train

August 25, 2011

“A tourist does not know where he has been, a traveler does not know where he is going.”

Today is the second day of my train trip. My lovely friends Rathi and Bini (the inseperable BFFs) went with me to the train station yesterday morning, sending me off.

After being filled with warnings and stories of unclean bathrooms and greasy food vendors, I was expecting the worst. But its actually quite nice here. I am sharing my cabin with a very nice family and a girl who is in her last year at the ashram school. Her name is Piyu and we chatter away in French about everything (ashram students usually speak about 5-10 languages, and everyone knows French). She’s in her last year at the ashram school, and is also going to the Delhi Sri Aurobindo Ashram for a doctor visit. Our cabin has passed the time watching movies, sharing food and playing with the family’s six-year-old daughter. I am very happy here, knowing that the journey is part and parcel to the arrival. Tomorrow we arrive in Delhi (pronounced dul-LEE by the natives) at 4 am. Then I will take a quick rest before the workshop starts at 9 am.