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LIVE from Mont







Even at the end of the world we couldn’t hide for long. We were on the news!! Local, but still.  France 3 was doing a story on WWOOFing. What are the chances that of all the WWOOFing farms in the Midi-Pyrenees region they would call YvesTom? The two France3 reporters filmed Brett and me painting, scrubbing cheeses, and of course, herding the cows. It’s rad to promote the amazing network of WWOOF. And our French didn’t even sound that embarassingly American! It aired that evening and the whole gang gathered on the couch to watch the minute and a half of interviews and awkward shots of us standing with the confused cows who knew it was clearly too early for the evening milking.


Reporters interviewing YvesTom

(Cuute) Luic and his lambs


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  1. Have they stopped posting? Such a nice blog but only up to 2012!

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