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The Final Harvest

“C’est sympa d’avoir des artistes chez nous!”  -Stephanie

During our last week at the bee farm it was less honey and more art! The family has a small summer cabin in a beautiful grove of acacias, but the cabin itself was filthy and the walls unfinished. Brett and I dusted and white washed the one room interior and then tossed around the idea of doing a mural on the outside. We only had a week, so something simple, natural. Giant wildflowers? After we showed her some sketches, Stephanie was in. Poppies! Si French, and they were everywhere on the hillsides, papery orange drops of delight. It was sad to say when we had to say goodbye to the joyful flowers, but to have turned a gray block of cement into something beautiful is like giving a handknit scarf to a cold stranger.

Les Coquelicots

We also replaced their roadside advertisement for honey which had broken in the wind last winter. This was a fun project Brett and I did side by side. We all agreed that it turned out better than the original.

Our last day at the farm we harvested honey! We cut into the slats with big knives, popping shavings of the falling honey comb into our mouths. The fresh honey melted on our tongues, leaving only the chew of soft wax behind. We ate so much sweet we felt slightly sick, but after about ten minutes we’d be reaching for another piece because it’s too pretty to resist, like eating liquefied stained glass.

After all the tops of the comb is opened, it is put into a machine that spins the comb at top speed and forces the honey out by centrifugal force. The honey poured out through a hole in the bottom, caramel colored and smelling like the heart of the summer forest. And just like that, our time in the fairy tale village of Treziers was over. We were heading south, to chase salty sea breezes.


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  1. Anu ⋅

    Loved the beautiful poppies on the wall….

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