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Thar She Blows!

Bikaner, Rajasthan

 Before we left Pondicherry, Arielle was dying to go on  camel ride. Or an elephant ride. Or both. so you can imagine our excitement when we discovered that the tiny town of Bikaner, only 6 hours away from Jaipur, had affordable camel safaris. We booked a one day/one night safari, where we would camp out in tents under the starry night sky.

We did our safari with the ‘Camel Man’ of Bikaner, Vijay. The Camel Man’s guesthouse was filled with people from France, Germany, Argentina and even one traveler from Portland.

With our bags loaded in the cart, wheld on tight to the straps as we mounted our camels. Our trek started off through the village, the children waving from their houses. The Rajasthani desert is not the stark beauty of Saudia Arabian dunes, but a scrubby gray landscape, with slight slopes and a few barren trees. Shepherds herd black and white goats through the scrub, and the superfluous aimless cow is still wandering, even in the desert.

I dubbed my camel Chewbacca because it kept making these disgusting guttural burping noises. See, camels are exotic and cool looking, but its only when you sit on one for 8 hours that you realize what bad manners they have. Burping, pooping and frothing at the mouth all over the place. They do this thing where they cough up what seems to be a stomach and just let it hang out of the side of their mouth for a minute before they suck it back down. But the worst part is the sound it makes, a gastric, bubbling noise that warns you its coming up again…

The flowers are cute though

Princess Arielle

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