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Caves in the Punjab

Amristar, Punjab

On our way down south we stopped in Amritsar for two days, because I knew Arielle would appreciate the beautiful experience of the Golden Temple. Having been here this summer, it was nice to go to an Indian city that I could navigate on my own. We stayed at the pilgrimage niwas, ate at the Lunger communal kitchen, and spent some time chopping dozens of onions alongside other Sikh pilgrims. Besides, the creamy Punjabi lassi is worth a trip in itself.

We also went to a ‘cave temple’ which was actually more like a carnival amusement park. Every inch of wall and ceiling was covered in intricate mosaics of mirror, round glass beads, and murals painted on thick glass pane. Dark twisted passageways, cement rabbit holes, an 8 foot tall head of Kali (goddess of power and destruction)… The Cave Temple was definitely the most unique Indian temple I’ve been to, and very beautiful to boot.


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