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Mehndi Magic

The other day we had some fun with henna. Henna is used to decorate hands and feet in Arabic countries as well as Pakistan and India. Henna, or mehndi as it is called, is used for special occasions, especially for brides on their wedding day. Traditionally, the designs aim to depict the sun on the palm, which represents the mind. In today’s modern life, most people apply mehndi with paper cones, but in rural areas they still grind the henna leaves with oil. Not surprisingly, this freshly made paste produces a darker and thus more lasting color.

An example of wedding mehndi

A tube of premixed henna is Rs. 10 at the market and goes really far. My sister Brett is an artist and quite good at henna. (She had lots of practice from all the doodles she would make on her hands, knees, etc. in pencil and pen during class). Once she arrives at Christmas I’m sure we will be covered in her whimsical henna designs.

Architect Megan displays her tattoo

In a less traditional artistic vein, I drew a pirate on Bini out of her love for Pirates of the Caribbean and, more specifically, Johnny Depp.


The Creativity workshop (19 film and photography students from Delhi) starts tomorrow and I have got almost everything in order.  Tomorrow we are planning a welcome session  with candles, flowers and some surprises. Check out the brochure I designed for it:

Creativity Workshop Brochure-Nov 2011


Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and although it was rainy and gray like back home it was definitely not the same holiday. I miss waking up early to watch the Macy’s parade while I help my mom make stuffing, gravey, and twice-baked sweet potatoes.

I just skyped my family in the middle of their Bananagrams game and we had a lovely chat. They are so excited to visit in less than a month! I’m so thankful for my bio family and my Indian one too.

Venus and Maitreyee


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