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A New Season

I know I have been posting less often, but it’s only because I have  been elbows deep in work here. It’s crunch time, since the Alternative Winter Break team gets here in about two weeks (yikes!) and there is still so much to organize. Shivakumar and I have been working hard on logistical arrangements. I’ve also got another side project. A class of photography and film students from the Sri Aurobindo Center in Delhi are coming for a five-day creativity workshop next week, which I’m helping Harvinder organize.

After the UO team leaves on Dec 20th, my family will be arriving on Christmas Eve. Did I mention that my family is coming to visit? Yeah, they are! I am very excited to show them around Pondy and have them experience what my life is like here at the Society. They will be here for three weeks and then my sister Brett will be staying for an extra few weeks. She loves food gardens just as much as I do, so we’ll be spending lots of time in the magical jungle of Matrikunj.

So much to do, but I am excited for this new chapter of my time here!  The last four months have been a time of peaceful exploration, where I am free to read, practice my Hindi, and stare at the ocean. Those days are gone, at least for awhile. I like working again; it reminds me how much I love organizing.

For my birthday the British architects brought me a gulab jamun (or as they pronounce it, a gulab jammin.’)

A birthday trip to the beach


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