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Birthday Plans

It is my birthday tomorrow! This summer the thought of turning 24 seemed very depressing. It’s all over, I thought, I’m old now. As a fifth-year senior, I’d spent the last two years of college surrounded by 19 year olds in Eugene, the town  that never grows up (ahem, ‘scuse me, the city that never grows up). Now that I am in the ashram environment with adults of all ages I don’t feel quite so old. I realize there’s no point in worrying about getting old. Right now you’re the youngest you’re ever going to be, so just enjoy!

My birthday is also the mahasamadhi darshan day at the ashram, the day the Mother left her body. Ashramites and visitors from all over come to walk through Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s room. Since it is a solemn darshan day, I will not do anything social but spend the day off relaxing, which usually means cooking, reading, or going for an exploratory cycle ride. On Sunday Venus and I are planning to have a small get together dinner, with lots of good music and food.

Since it is my birthday I also get to go to Sri Aurobindo’s room and meditate for ten minutes. The Mother spoke on the importance of birthdays. She said that the purpose of one’s birthday is to find the purpose of life. On this day “one can unite with the Supreme Consciousness… One is so open and so receptive that one can assimilate all that is given [from the Divine]… ”  Because of this receptivity, one can accomplish the arduous work of lifetimes in a single moment. The most important thing is to have an aspiring heart and a clear mind.





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  1. Dan Close ⋅

    Happy Birthday!

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