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Fall Far From Here

Today Shivakumar and I had a great skype call with Alternative Break Coordinator Keri Bellotti to work on the December trip details and itinerary. It’s really coming together and I am excited! The Alternative Winter Break guidebook I have been working on is nearly finished and I have sent it off for editing.

Also: I am going to the beautiful region of Ooti and Coimbatore to stay with my friend Bini’s family at the end of this month!


On Wednesday I went for a cycle ride with the ashram crew and we stopped at a one of the ashram’s mango farms, where we climbed mango trees and cut open some tender coconuts for a refreshing treat.

Despite my love of all things tropical, I am starting to miss the crisp fall of Oregon, with the fiery deciduous trees that light up the whole Willamette Valley. In Pondicherry it is always summer, as palm trees are forever.

Oregon in October

I love the distinct seasons of Oregon, the yearly cycle of everlasting change. Fall is by far my favorite season. I almost always wear fall colors: orange, red, green, and deep blue. Plus I am a Scorpio, my November birthday making my love of squashes, soccer practice and darkening days inevitable. This morning I drew a poor substitute, but it made my heart a little lighter.



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