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STFU Smokers





The University of Oregon has kicked off its smoke and tobacco free campaign this fall with a daring STFU campaign, which stands for ‘Smoke and Tobacco Free University,’ but also hints at getting whining smokers to realize that the rest of campus deserves the right to clean air. 4,000 green T-shirts with the STFU logo were passed out at the October 6th home football game.


The KVAL story quotes my successor, Ben Eckstein: “We are proud of the ASUO’s leadership in making it happen…I am excited to collaborate with university administration to make our campus a leader in efforts to promote a healthier student body.” Check out the UO’s STFU website for more info.

Over the last five five years, UO students and staff  fought a long and worthwhile battle. I was privileged to play a part in it. UO was the first school in the PAC-12 to make this happen, with OSU following months after. Now we can start to say that UO is becoming a school that values sustainability, as well as the physical and mental well-being of our campus community. Go Ducks.










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One response to “STFU Smokers

  1. Laz ⋅

    As an ex-smoker, I can let you know that the STFU angle isn’t going to work, if the attempt is to shame smokers into quitting. What you want to do is support their efforts, not tell them STFU. Very poorly planned – had someone told me to STFU when I was trying to quit, I would never have quit.

    So STFU.

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