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Old Friends and New

Sari washing

Monday October 3, 2011

It’s hard to believe I have been here over ten weeks, almost three months! Even with the welcome signs in Pondy that encourage visitors to ‘give time a break,’ somehow it has still flown by.

Yesterday Trupti had a get-together for her dad’s 60th birthday. It was great fun with friends, good food and of course ice cream and cake. Trupti’s mom made everything except the ice cream, even the chocolates that decorated the cake. We sang happy birthday in French and Hindi!

Trupti’s brother Veral with some chaat appetizers

The tradition is for the birthday boy to cut the cake, handing out small pieces to all the guests.


A student named Laoni from Germany is staying at Shelter for a week, and I am showing her the sights. Today I took her to the samadhi and the Goubert market. We stopped at my favorite coffee stall on the way.  is very sweet and we have had fun laughing about the interesting and often silly intricacies of Indian culture. It’s not really the same for a foreigner to process a stay in India with Indians.

The too-sweet coffee is served in a cup and saucer that one pours the liquid back and forth to cool it. Delicious.



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