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Hopping Puddles

Recently, I have started jogging before I go to yoga class. (Mom, Dad-I KNOW.) I hate jogging. It’s terribly boring. All athletic activity should have some sort of competition involved, right? Anyway, with Shivakumar’s encouragement I have started to run exactly because I dislike it so much. After all, it is  my mind telling me that it hates jogging, while my physical self would really enjoy it. I have been putting so much emphasis on my intellect, that it’s only fair to give an hour or two to my physical development. It’s not hot when you go at sunrise, with the city just starting to wake up. It’s sort of fun to see my endurance improve. Competing with myself is starting to grow on me.


It’s monsoon season! The monsoon pattern in India goes in a clockwise circle, starting at the coasts of Kerala around June, moving North and then circling back down to reach Pondy around October.  The rains will last through November, tapering off into a lovely December and January, the peak of tourist season.


Even for a native Oregonian, tropical rains are of an epic intensity. This morning I started off on my run and about five minutes in the skies opened up, drenching me all the way through my socks. I huddled under a doorway for a respite, hoping that my ipod wouldn’t get wet. To be fair, the sky had tried to warn me with rolls of thunder and the fall of a light sprinkle. After a few minutes I dashed home, hopping puddles and the already overflowing gutters.


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