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A Ride to the Dairy

On Saturday I went for a cycle ride with my new friend Somdutt and some ashramites that regularly take small sojourns. We went to a small dairy right by Auroville, about 10 km outside of town. We played with the baby calves and the farm dogs and watched the sun set behind the fields of growing grain.  One of the calves was very mischievous and kept taking nibbles on our pant legs. It loved to have its head scratched, as its horns were starting to grow and were, understandably, very itchy.

My companions asked me if the cows in India are sweeter/prettier than in America. I laughed and said that I thought in this case beauty was in the eye of the beholder.

The ‘Nibbler’ on the right

I was amazed to hear that the ashram has not one but six dairies. Somdutt used to work at the dairy we visited. He said that dairies go through different production levels in different seasons, and with such a large and steady demand for milk and yogurt they need to have that many to ensure there will be enough.

 This one was the cutest

It was lovely to ride outside the city, and now that I know the way, I can start to cycle to the organic gardens and Auroville on my own.


Yesterday I was walking down the stairs at the office and I saw a butterfly in the stairwell, the color of sweet lime. She was trying desperately to get outside, banging over and over against the glass door. She did not understanding why she couldn’t get outside when she could so clearly see the outside. I stopped to help, trying to gently scoop up the bright insect. I cupped her gently in my hands and took her out to the balcony. She rested a minute on my finger and then darted off, flying away into the garden below.

Sometimes we try to do things our way, over and over, and then we don’t understand why we end up worse off than we started. It is difficult and scary to trust in the Divine, an unseen force, as sometimes we are cast into darkness for a while before reaching the sweet freedom of realizing our true path and purpose.


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