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Delhi Downpour Delays the Day

Sept 11, 2011

I was supposed to catch a train back to Chennai two days ago, but the weather had other plans. Even though I left about an hour and a half early, it was not enough. On the day of my departure, Delhi received 60.6 mm of rain in one day. The drains could not handle the influx and streamed out onto freeways, causing major traffic jams all over the city. It is monsoon season after all, and many other regions in the country are flooding, displacing hundreds of thousands of people.  

(The Hindu)

Kaushal and Aishwarya at the Society canceled my ticket and got me a new one for September 13th, the earliest one available. Many thanks to them. So I have been hanging at the Arora’s getting a much needed opportunity to start writing the guidebook for the Alternative Winter Break trip.

Today I also sent prayers to the families of Americans lost in 9/11. It is strange that ten years have already gone by. I was 13, and at the time it seemed so far away, 3,000 miles lay between me and the smoking chaos. But I do not doubt that it has been a gruesome symbol of the last decade’s wear on my generation. We have grown up in the shadow of no towers, a shadow that has left a hole where hope should be, no jobs, no end to the wars, no plans to protect the earth. For many, both the quest for God and love of country seem laughingly impossible.  I resent their apathy, but I don’t blame them. Being the change you wish to see is hard work. Will it be rewarded? It is safer to survive in the insulated world of frapuccinos, our perennial earbuds drowning out the dark noise. I am hard on my generation because I do not give up on them.


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One response to “Delhi Downpour Delays the Day

  1. Diane Laughter ⋅

    A code cam in the mail yesterday. It is the same four digits as our garage door opener. Do you remember??

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