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Off to Amritsar

Delhi comes from the Hindi word heart, and beautifully defines the city of Delhi as the heart of India, a fitting name for a capital city.

This evening I went to a free festival performance of odissi dancing and sitar music. Odissi is the traditional style of dance that takes years to learn and a lifetime to master. It has lots of intricate hand motions, facial expressions, and controlled poses that exude both power and grace. The sitar is like a long guitar, but with a haunting twang that went perfectly with the small stoccato drums that accompanied it. I loved it.

Yesterday I went to the National Gallery of Modern Art. Remember when I said that I didn’t want to buy stuff? Well, I forgot how much I like art. It is one thing that I do purchase occasionally, nothing too extravagant, but I enjoy art as an aesthetic investment that keeps on giving. I bought two prints of artwork to hang in my bedroom at Shelter, as my walls have been much too sparse for my liking.

At noon tomorrow my train is scheduled to leave for Amristar from Old Delhi station. Coincidentally, I walked by the station today, in my attempts to explore Old Delhi. I didn’t spend too long there. It was hot and crowded and too many stares from loiterers. I’m glad I went though to see how different it is from the wide streets of New Delhi. All aboard for another adventure: Punjab!



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2 responses to “Off to Amritsar

  1. Diane Laughter ⋅

    Sounds like you are having a marvelous trip. Dad and I went to Art in the Pearl today after taking Brett to the train station and our weekly clean up of the yard at 72nd. There was some Indian dancing, the girls were so beautiful and expressive – I was touched because I felt it was a link to what you’re seeing. More art on the way — don’t want to spoil the surprise but Brett made a collage and I bought something, a print of an intricate batik. We love you! MOM

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