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Environics Ltd.

This is my 51st post!

Yesterday I also went to a business meeting at Syenergy Environics. The company’s director, Ajay, was a participant in the creative writing workshop. He is very nice and dynamic and his daughter was a workshop participant as well. He knows the Sri Aurobindo Ashram well, as his father is one of the trustees. He liked my writing and asked if I would be interested in helping them with their website and blog. At first I wasn’t sure, as I love the balance of my life right now. Would I want to start working with all of my other projects at the society and for the university? I was flattered, but I’d never thought that I could potentially use my writing skills commercially. I decided to at least meet with Ajay and his staff.

The company does very intriguing work. Here’s the gist: All of our technological contraptions emit a high level of radiation. It may not create cancer, but it very much affects our physical, emotional and psychological well being. Environics Ltd. does testing to evaluate the geopathic stresses that exist in office buildings, factories, houses, schools, airports, etc. and then installs equipment that negates the radiative effects. High density areas are especially at risk. From the October 2008 Financial Express, New Delhi: “Environics corrects energy imbalances and neutralizes negative electromagnetic radiation emanating from the earth’s magnetic grid-lines and other phenomena.”

This technology is so new that this burgeoning industry has had to create words like “environics” and “geopathic” to define it. But there’s no doubt that this technology is the future. During the meeting we decided that I would write a few sample blog posts and copy edit their new web content. They are also interested in having me produce some PR material down the road.  Paaka! (Great!)

Environics also produces microchips that stick onto cell phones and laptops to counteract the radiation emitted. The chips are made of inert programmed material that creates higher frequency waves than are emitted from the device, canceling out the harmful effects. I think. But for how much me and other organizers, busy bodies, and the growing number of children are on the phone, I am definitely concerned about the effects of radio waves on our brains. When I asked, Ajar said that cell phone companies are worried that if they start imbedding this technology in the public’s eye, then they will start getting sued for years of people’s backlogged medical issues. Yeah sure, that’s a great reason to not do the right thing. There still needs to be more testing done on the effects of  mobile radio towers. Testing requires the permission of the companies, which they are wont to give.

Ajay has also written a book called Empower Yourself: New Life Solutions for Health and Well-Being. It provides an overview of the power of colors, symbols, energy, and chakras of the body, synthesizing new technology with the practices of ancient culture.



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