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August 3o, 2011

Vikas dropped me off to catch the HoHo bus. For 250 rupees I went to about 8 sites in A/C comfort. For your enjoyment:

Karol Bagh, a beautiful hindu Temple for Lakshmi and Vishnu

Rajghat, Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial and cremated ashes


Red Fort: This gigantic fort was built next to a river, which was part of the reason for moving the location of the fort from Agra to Delhi. The river is now a freeway. Every Independence Day the Prime Minister gives an address from the top of the Red Fort.


Lotus Temple-Built as a Bahai place of worship, the Lotus Temple temple was beautiful. With 27 lotus petals. Bahai is a religion that encompasses all religions.

Humayun’s Tomb-By the same constructor of the Taj Mahal, except the material used is red sandstone instead of white marble. The grounds are kept very nicely. The building just sort of glows.


In the center of town, India Gate was built as a memorial for the fallen soldiers of WWI and the Afghan War.

Up the hill lies the President’s house.

I came home tired but happy!


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