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Congratulations to Sampad!

Exciting news:

One of our society scholars, Dr. Sampad Mishra, is one of the five young scholars (under 40) awarded the ‘Maharshi Badrayana Vyas Samman 2011’. The distinction is conferred once a year on the Independence Day in recognition of substantial contribution in the field of Sanskrit, Pali/Prakrit, Arabic and Persian. He’ll receive the award on 26 January 2011 (Republic Day) from the President of India.

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Congratulations to him! I have gotten to know Sampad and his family over the last few weeks, and I am very happy that such a hardworking and humble person is recognized for his accomplishments. Sampad grew up in a village where he would bike 5 km to school everyday, having to cross two rivers! Sampad has an adorable daughter, Ritaja, who at seven years old is fluent in Sanskrit and French, but not English yet, so I love chatting with her.

From a celebratory email from Venus: “We must congratulate him for his journey is not just into Sanskrit but more so a journey into life with Sanskrit. We must also congratulate his wife, Prashanti for she has journeyed along with him with utmost devotion and continuous support. Our hearts are so full of happiness, love and appreciation for you Sampadji!”


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