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In the News… July 27, 2011

From The Hindu


 Egypt: The military and pro-democracy groups are still waged against each other for how to proceed after the overthrow of corrupt President Hosni Mubarak.

Protests are still being held against the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), calling for defense military reforms. The “Kifaya” movement (meaning ‘Enough’) was born in 2004 and is supporting the work of another group led by Ahmad Maher, which uses peaceful disciplined agitation tactics. The frontline group was the catalyst for the April 6th youth-led protests, using non-violent tactics inspired by Serbia’s Otpor movement.

Citizens are angry over the lack of prosecution against Mubarak and his two sons, the continued detention of protesters, and the inability of the military to align with the priorities of the working class. Military leadership is accusing the people of “benefiting from foreign funding and training.” Yet where does the military get their funds and training from? Oh that’s right, from taxpaying citizens…


London: Members of British Parliament are looking to slash the number of non-European Union student visas given out each year. Critics argue that this will come at a loss to England’s economy of 3.6 billion pounds a year. This initiative is mainly motivated by an attempt for immigration reform by the conservative Home Secretary Theresa May, citing that “many prospective economic migrants use [visas] to gain entry into Britain.” Foreign students are charged three times as much as English natives, and are “regarded as cash cows.” Cash-strapped universities have been letting in more and more foreigners. Sound familiar? This is a tough issue for American public universities as well. In 2010, 49% of the freshman class at the University of Oregon was from out of state. Without quotas for in-state students, this upward trend is likely to continue, changing the socio-economic makeup of the university very quickly. How can schools find a balance between protecting access to the people they are supposed to serve and staying afloat?


The United States: Whine, threat, whine, threat, exaggerated claim, threat, whine.


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