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Temple Ruins and Goodbyes

Yesterday Keri and Dan left to go back to Eugene. I remain. What wonderful travel companions I have been blessed with! Keri is such a sweetheart; she left me her sun hat, extra toiletries, and some books. I am sad to see them go, but on the taxi ride home I just couldn’t stop thinking about how fortunate I am to be here. India is hot and wonderful. So much fruit and noise and colors and time to read and write by the ocean. I am making friends with the society members, the people are so hospitable, intelligent, and passionate about what they do. I’m going to learn so much here, and I know that I owe it to God and the world to do something great with the training I will receive.

Before they left we went to the world-famous site of the Mahaballapuram temples. Built over 2,000 years ago, these beautiful granite temples were each carved out of a single piece of stone. Granite is the hardest rock in the world, and yet the gods, goddesses, animals, and royalty depicted are very delicately carved, with lifelike expression. Beautiful.

Also, the funniest thing kept happening while we were touring the sites. People kept asking Keri, Dan and I to take photos with them. Dan says, “Americans are good luck.” They told Dan he looked like President Clinton. Haha.

‘Vishnu’s  Butter Ball’, a giant granite stone that is perfectly balanced on the hill


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