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A Funky Smell

India has a lot of smells. Some are bad, some foreign, many delicious. For the last couple of days our room has smelled horrible. Not like garbage, but simply the smell of decay. We tried burning incense to cover up the smell; the guesthouse staff moved the plant material that was outside our window. We didn’t know what was wrong.

Keri and I had an idea that it was coming from the air conditioner that sat in our window, so they cleaned out the filter for any mold. As Keri’s bed is right by the A/C, sleeping was difficult for her. Still the smell persisted, and much fuss was made. Finally a maintenance man came and took the A/C apart. He found a dead squirrel caught in the front grate. A squirrel! I just about died laughing.

fuss being made



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One response to “A Funky Smell

  1. Never heard of that happening before. We did have a lot of dead rats in our duffles though. They’d break in then couldn’t get out.

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