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Good Vibrations

As we have discussed, values cannot be taught, only nurtured. Children need teachers who are strong, loving, and patient. Children are sponges. They will absorb not just our language and physical attributes but our emotional vibrations that we send out to them. Our inner insight speaks to inner insight of the child. Every thought and emotion creates a vibration, either negative or positive.  Emotional vibrations are very powerful. Positive vibrations have the power to cure cancer. Nothing is impossible.

Here is a famous Indian illustration of this idea:

A mother approaches an Indian spiritual master, in need of help. “My son eats sweets indiscriminately. Can you advise him to not eat so many sweets?” The spiritual master said, “Come back in a week and I will help you.” The mother came back a week later, but the spiritual master said, “please, come back in a week and I will help you.” The mother huffed but went away. A week later the mother came back, and the spiritual master again told her to come back in a week. Very frustrated by this point, a week later the mother brought her son to the spiritual master. The spiritual master talked gently to the boy, telling him that he should eat sweets moderately, only every few days.  The mother asked angrily, “Why did you wait so long to tell him?” The spiritual master replied, “I myself like sweets very much. I set out to conquer the desire in me.  Children do not communicate by words alone.”

So you can see that teachers who teach with angry or frustrated hearts make their classrooms angry and frustrated too. Hopefully we have all experienced the being in a classroom that is filled with joy because the teacher is joyful and loving. At the Society’s school, if a teacher is emotionally unwell then they do not come to school that day.  Mental health days, institutionalized. Neato!

Dan, who is a professor in special education, brought up the idea of not just negative and positive vibrations but neutral vibrations too. Neutral vibrations come from things like computers, instruments, TV, and pets.  Autistic children are often drawn to machines. Autistic children like spending time with neutral vibrations because they are patient and comfortingly predictable to the child. Machines do not try and tell the child to go to bed, to eat or to perform certain social behaviors differently. Although they love their child, parents can get caught in a vicious cycle of sending the child negative vibrations, out of frustration, sadness, impatience, etc. How do we get autistic children to see both machines and humans positively? Integrative education would say that the parent and child, through very different techniques, need to develop their emotional body.  In the US, a 2009 study put the rate of autism in children at 1 in 100 children. Practices like this are critical to refining and reforming our curriculum and training in special education.

Our goal should be to send out positive vibrations to all with whom we interact. This of course extends to not just children but every living thing we come into contact with.

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