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Flying Deluxe

July 12, 2011

Well I might have jinxed us when I posted our flight itinerary. Due to delays in San Francisco, Dan rearranged our flight so that we took a direct flight from San Francisco to Dubai. Keri and I think this is much more exciting than Frankfurt. “I’ve never been to the Middle East,” said Dan with a boyish grin. I have long lost all sense of time.  I did sleep a few hours, and am feeling fine.

This flight on Air Emirates has been such a treat, as the plane is the most luxurious I have been on. We received dinner and breakfast, hot towels, mango juice, an eye mask and blanket. Every seat is outfitted with a screen with free movies, TV, and music.  I watched a popular Indian movie in Tamil about young lovers, one a Christian and the other a Hindu, who are forbidden to be together. I usually hate romantic comedies, but I really liked this one, probably because the song and dance numbers were so charming. At night, the ceiling of the plane is designed to look like a starry night sky.

BTW, what is white coffee? Is it just coffee with milk?  I had to choose between white or black coffee and I didn’t know what white coffee was, so I got black. Both the coffee and tea were great. The food was good too. You know the local food is going to be good when even the airplane’s chicken kadhai and cinnamon rice pudding are delicious.

We are flying over Tehran now, almost about to arrive in Dubai. From there we’ll catch a several hour flight to Chennai. Then we’ll drive 3 hours in a cab to Pondicherry. I am very excited to land. The longest leg of our journey is almost over, and we are one giant step closer to India.


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2 responses to “Flying Deluxe

  1. How cool. Your blog is better than mine! Miss you already. Talk to you soon.

  2. You’re in India now! Congrats. You’re in a new place now, though, so you should always try whatever is new and unfamiliar. If nothing else, it makes for better stories. And yes, white coffee is just coffee with creamer. Good luck.

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