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2 Days and Counting (Yikes)

Let’s see…in Pondicherry the temperature today was  93 degrees with a chance of evening storms. No sweat.

I haven’t posted for awhile, but  I am happy to announce I am getting ready to ship out. I moved back to PDX for a week at home, spending time with family and  old friends, which has been a blessing. I think half of my suitcase if clothes and the other half is bottles of medication, sunscreen, contact solution and bug spray. (Shout out to Keri Bellotti for the packing list). I was thus coerced into seeing the wisdom of checking a bag, as most of afore mentioned bottles will not get through TSA’s clutches. So is life.

Today being Sunday, we went to church in the morning. My parents go to a Methodist church tucked in Cedar Mill. Mom says the Methodists prioritize social justice and peace, which I have seen to be true. The pastor is funny and sincere, and the families exchange genuine hellos and small talk. During each service, there is a time for members to raise blessings and prayers. Mom asked the congregation for prayers for my trip. After service was over, I got to chit chat with folks about my adventure. Betsy Ann Green recommended the documentary “Daughters of the Brothel” by Guatam Singh, a short film on the servitude of Indian and Pakistani women. (Has anyone seen it?) Here’s the link for the full 24 minute film on YouTube. Glen Campbell reminded me to take lots of hand sanitizer.  Ramona Repair told me all about her daughter who went to India once, or is still there, I’m not sure… I was overwhelmed by the words of encouragement and excitement that I saw in their eyes. Tonight Mom said, “I want to go. You have to go for me.” My parents are thinking about visiting in early January, so I hope she will get her chance too.

Our flight itinerary is: Eugene to San Francisco, San Fran straight to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Chennai. I don’t yet know how will I finally arrive at the Sri Aurobindo Society, to begin my passage in Pondicherry. We’ll have to see.

Tomorrow I’ll be busing it to Eugene for the flight on Tuesday morning, insha’Allah. More later.


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One response to “2 Days and Counting (Yikes)

  1. Diane Laughter ⋅

    Love this. The church is actually in Cedar Mill (and our house backs up to unincorporated Washington County; we’re pretty far from Beaverton proper). It is Glen Campbell like the singer. Please revise.

    Love you! Mom

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