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Not a state, not a county: it’s a subnational administrative division!

As it was a French Protectorate until 1963, Pondicherry is a union territory, not a state. Union territories are directly overseen by the federal government. There are only seven union territories in India, one of which is New Delhi. Both Pondicherry and Delhi are unique as union territories in that they were both granted power to have an elected legislative assembly, in addition to the federally-appointed Administrator or Lieutenant-Governor. With only partial autonomy, some legislation is allowable to be passed at the local level and some still need ratification from the federal government or the President of India.

Pondicherry Legislative Assembly Building

In 2006, Pondicherry changed its name to Puducherry, although I have it on good authority that everyone still calls Pondy Pondy. Puducherry means “New Village” in Tamil, one of the official native languages.

Just for FUN:*

On April 16, 2007, The Government of Puducherry announced that the following to be state symbols:

State Bird Koel
State Animal Indian Palm Squirrel
State Flower Cannonball Tree‘s flower
State Tree Bael or “Stone Apple” Fruit Tree


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*From trusty Wiki


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