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Eugene City Club Lecture

Today I gave a lecture at the Eugene City Club on three current University of Oregon policy issues: the New Partnership, UO’s expansion to turn the public safety department into a police force, and the controversial Riverfront Research Park development. The City Club’s mission is to build “Community Vision Through Open Inquiry” through monthly lunch programs with a guest speaker followed by a Q & A.

City Club Members wait in line for their turn to ask questions. 

I had a very rewarding experience, as members were engaged throughout. I talked for 20 minutes, there was a quick break, and then members fired off questions for the remaining time. The best part was when a mention of state tax reform received applause. They asked a myriad of questions on the three issues, but I also got thoughtful questions about grade inflation and neighborhood livability. We need a broader range of committed Eugenians to get involved in the City Club’s work. Hopefully the ASUO will be more involved in years to come.

Thanks to Mary Leighton and Zach Vishanoff for the opportunity. The RG coverage of it here and on KLCC 89.7, Monday July 1st at 6:30 pm.


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